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“Accept humanity of employees as a critical strategy of achievement and organizational success.”

Sandy learned that a leader can more powerfully connect to co-workers through stories which allow them to personally relate to what they read. Through inspiring, humble, heart opening humor and personal stories he shares teachings from his 40 years practice as a legal counsel, senior executive, and as a highly successful president and COO of a global company.

As a writer, he details how an individual’s success in their personal and business lives is directly tied to the ability to practice humanity at work; why compassion is never a sign of weakness; that the greatest of leaders are humane yet garner great respect; and how developing self- aware individuals transforms a company from an also-ran to one with a sustainable competitive advantage. Humanity at Work is a critical strategy for achievement and organizational success.


“Experience unimagined corporate success by engaging management to understand people. When that occurs the dots are connected, as workers come to recognize the dignity of work, the purpose and meaning it can bring to their lives, and a deep seeded sense of self worth.”