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Being an effective leader today is changing. Organizations’ cultures are changing, economic and social pressures are growing, and handling these issues effectively is both more complex and more important than ever. Sandy knows how…


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Sandy's Most Popular Presentations!

The 4 Strategies Of Building Trust
(In A World Where It’s Rapidly Disappearing)

Globally-admired leader Sandy Costa breaks down the four critical strategies for building a bulwark of TRUST in every area of our lives and business.

 Sandy's powerful program will share: 

  • The special characteristics of all trusted leaders
  • How you can create trust the minute you walk into a room
  • How to get the most stubborn listeners to open their minds
  • How to instantly sense the trust level of others
  • The most common mistakes that destroy trust, and how to eliminate them
  • Why trust and honesty are two different things

Every attendee will take with them the key strategies that will change your interaction with others – whether groups or individuals

The Great Accelerator: Change!

 Change is no longer the negative it used to be; change has become a positive value. In the past it’s been something to be feared and “managed through”, but our world is different now. No matter what your business or association, change has become something to be welcomed because change is necessary for continuing success. We have to be nimble, quick to realize the change around us, and quick to build our culture to understand the necessity and the promise of change. Sandy will share with you the techniques to manage the excitement of “the new change”.

Discover The Surprising Attributes Of A Great Leader

With the culture changing so radically today, the traditional interpretation of what makes a great leader is no longer necessarily accurate. Certain basic traits and capabilities still prevail, but there are some surprising attributes needed to be a great leader nowadays. As an intense observer of today’s fast-changing world, Sandy has discovered some powerful attributes more necessary to a great leader than ever before.

How To Quickly Build Extraordinary Productivity In Each Of Your Teams

Sustained productivity is more than a goal these days – it’s a critical necessity. Sandy’s priceless experience in growing a 20,000+ organization from the ground up, with teams scattered all over the world with productivity an imperative, will give you both inspiration and the tools to build productivity in your company – fast.

Why Service Organizations Need Great Managers, Why They Don't Have Many And How You Can Build Them Fast

As the president and COO of one of the world’s largest specialty services companies, Sandy learned dozens of hidden strategies and tactics to bring together thousands of individuals into one of the most elite and productive organizations in the service company industry – with the most effective relationships with clients. Sandy will share every one of these strategies with you that will literally bind you to your clients - you may never again have to fill out a laborious RFP!